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International Journal of Chemistry, Material and Environmental Research (IJCMER)

International Journal of Chemistry, Material and Environmental Research (IJCMER) is an an international peer-reviewed and academic research journal. IJCMER contains rapid communications, full-length original research, review articles and comments on interrelationships among synthesis, micro/nanostructures, properties, processing and performance of Materials of Physics, and Chemistry. It aims to publish original research, computational, theoretical and practical advances in physics and chemistry of materials. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of physics and chemistry of materials.


Areas of Research




Acoustical Engineering
Bio Technology
Engineering Sciences
Aeronautical Engineering
Ceramic Technology
Computer Science
Irrigation Engineering
Construction Technology
Material Sciences
Agricultural Engineering
Dairy Technology
Applied Engineering
Electronics And Media Technology
Architecture & Planning
Product Design Technology
Architecture Engineering
Fashion Technology
Audio Engineering
Fiber Technology
Polymer Science
Automation And Robotics Engineering
Food Technology
Information Science
Automobile Engineering
Forensic Science And Technology
Bio Engineering
Information And Communication Technology
Biochemical Engineering
Information Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Instrumentation Technology
Bio-molecular Engineering
Leather Technology
Building And Construction Engineering
Materials Science And Technology
Ceramic Engineering
Oil And Paint Technology
Chassis Engineering
Paint Technology
Chemical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Technology
Civil Engineering
Polymer Technology
Computer Engineering
Packaging Technology
Corrosion Engineering
Printing Technology
Electrical Engineering
Pulp And Paper Technology
Electronics Engineering
Rubber Technology
Energy Engineering
Silk Technology
Engineering Chemistry
Sugar Technology
Engineering Management
Textile Technology
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Physics
Environmental Engineering
Fashion And Apparel Engineering
Food Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Forestry Engineering
Gas Engineering
Geo Informatics
Geological Engineering
Geo-sciences And Remote Sensing
Geo-technical Engineering
Industrial Design
Industrial Engineering
Information Engineering
Instrumentation And Control Engineering
Integrated Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Mechatronics Engineering
Medical Electronics
Metallurgical Engineering
Military Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Mining Engineering
Model Engineering
Molecular Engineering
Naval Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Oil Engineering
Optical Engineering
Petrochemical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Planning Engineering
Plastic Engineering
Power Electronics
Power Engineering
Precision Engineering
Process Engineering
Production Engineering
Railway Engineering
Safety And Fire Engineering
Software Engineering
Sound Engineering
Sports Engineering
Structural Engineering
Systems Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Textile Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Tool Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Utility Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Water Engineering
Engineering Sciences
Computer Science
Material Sciences
Polymer Science
Information Science